News: Shared hosting service

Published: 30/07/2021

Shared hosting is a service through which individuals and organizations create websites by placing them on online servers. In the case of this hosting,many websites are hosted on one server.This is the most effective type of hosting for small projects.
Shared hosting is providing the following technologies:
• Apache / NGINX
• MySQL database server
• Server Side Includes (SSI)
Types of services
Web hosting service which:
•allows you to host web sites on a server, ensuring that they can be managed by customers.
Postal service which
• Lack of advertising posters
• Protected from spam emails
• Has one or more domain names
• works with the most common protocols (SMTP, IMAP, Pop3)
Ensures the operation of the private postal system DNS service which:
• Provides a domain name registration and storage system. Archiving / Restoration service
• Provides the ability to archive & restore client files. Scrapbook Analysis
• Analyzes site traffic statistics.
Benefits of shared hosting
Low cost.The best result with minimal knowledge. Multilingual easy interface cPanel & ISP Manager control panels.
The interface has the following features:
• Data exchange via FTP protocol
• View website traffic statistics
• Email & DNS service configuration
Disadvantages of shared hosting:
• There is no possibility to install or change the software yourself.
• Physical resources (RAM, CPU) are allocated to multiple clients.
• You do not have complete control over all the physical resources of the server, such as a dedicated server (VPS).
You can get acquainted with the price offers of the Shared Hosting Service at the following link: